Monday, December 29, 2008

First Entry

Asalaam walikum! This is my first entry, which is basically an introductory piece of what inshallah my blog will be. My blog will include everything and anything, but the aim of the blog is to boost our iman, hence green tea. Everyone goes through a time where they feel like low on iman and I'm here to help my fellow Muslims or anyone who is interested in Islam. This will not only inshallah help you but myself as well. When you speak, type, or write you actually make what you're thinking come to form which usually makes you ponder more, and inshallah will make you take action on whatever it is. So inshallah this "green tea" will not only boost your iman, but anything in your life from wholesome meals to your wore drobe. I could not do a blog without adding in fashion! :) So Inshallah I'll be on here often, and keeping you guys on the 411. Until next time, Masalaama! ♥♥♥