Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sushi Why?

Yo, Sushi why you do me like that
When you know I was coming right back
You crushed me baby
When I saw you leave with that other lady
You're always on my mind
You had me saving up my dimes
Damn I'm sprung
Like that stripper got T-Pain in his song
Got me doing things I would never do
Oh baby Im telling you
Reminiscing of how good you taste
I dont think you can ever be replaced
My heart is in pain
As I chow down on this lo-mein
Tears fall down on my plate
Everything is all salty that I ate
Got me looking over my shoulder
Hoping you'll come over
"Wahn some moe tea?"
Na I say to the lady smelling like pee
Yearning and burning for just a little more of you
Where you use to be that's where my eyes are glued
China buffet pick up the pace
I need to stuff some more sushi in my face



Meela said...

lolololol!! sushi IS amazing lol

Fatou Thioune said...

h i dont like sushi make me sick in the stomach

Almallena said...

awww Im sorry :(

malizea said...

never taste sushi :( but I quite afraid about raw fish!!

Almallena said...

Oh you guys, theres american sushi thats not that bad tasting at all. They have sushi with fried shrip and cream cheese and this like spicey sauce, its really good :). yeah not all of it is raw fish, lol.