Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saudi authorities carry out new campaign undermining foundations of Islam

Publication time: 17 October 2010, 13:30
Saudi authorities, for the first time in history, gave permission for a so-called children's beauty pageant for girls in Mecca, the Alquds website reports.

One of the Saudi public organizations in the city of Mecca started for the first time to organize a beauty contest for children, where "a child beauty queen" would be selected, which in itself is a provocative innovation in a conservative Saudi society.

An electronic newspaper, Al-Marsad, reported that more than 1000 visitors watched the process of crowning of "a child beauty queen 2010" at the festival in Mecca, called Makkah Khair.

The contest was organized by different organizations, including the Association of Regional Centers of Mecca and the National Company for Exhibitions.

In the presence of many journalists and photographers, 4 girls out of more than 800 participants received awards in 4 nominations: "the 3rd-degree child beauty queen 2010", "the 2nd-degree child beauty queen 2010", "the 1st-degree child beauty queen 2010" and "the child beauty queen 2010".

It is to be noted that this contest was conducted the first time in the history of Saudi Arabia. This action is a part of plan to undermine the foundations of Islam and to corrupt Muslims against the background of the closure of courses on the memorization of the Koran, the banning of Islamic channels and websites, the introduction of a co-education of boys and girls by creating a special University under the patronage of the King, where men and women, who are half-naked in a Western-style, are mixed together, as well as a retraining of imams of the kingdom into a so-called tolerant Islam, acceptable for the West, the promotion of colonization and terror against Muslims around the world.

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Kavkaz Center

SubhanAllah...this is quite sad. This is really going out of ones way to create fitnah. Honestly what benefit can one get out of this. I'm not perfect in the least, no one is, but this right here is ridiculous to allow. Again, I rather live in a country where I cant expect the same morals to be practiced as mine than live in a country that is "supposedly" based on Islam but totally goes the other way and have tons of baggage that comes along with their culture. Sorry Saudi but you're not looking too good for Muslims looking to migrate to Islamic countries. This isn't the most absurd thing they can do, no, but it shows you how progressive they are becoming in leaving the deen as social order and replacing it with fitnah in order to please one's ego and nafs. So pretty soon they'll start allowing a lot of other stuff to go on in public. Until they revert back to Islamic law and start to become more moral and fair in their laws and practices I'm not interested in moving there, Only there for hajj and maybe some shopping but besides that umm forget it.