Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Sisters Vs. Bad Sisters

This is a repost with my two cents in it. I had to do it. **my input

GOOD SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1)HIJABI HOPEFULLs: These are the girls that dont yet wear hijab, jilbaab or niqaab but they are trying to cover up their body and hair but feel really bad about it because know its a big haram ,they respect and love the hijab, and one day hope to become one of us.

We have one thing to say to ya'll…Come Join Us on The Other Side…We promise Its better here

2)SUNNNI HIJABI's-: You've seen'em. The girls who wear correct Hijabi and jilbab, who understand hijab is not just a scarf covering the hair with tight or see through clothes, their hijab is very lose, not see through, not attention calling, no make up, they like Aishea rdhu, hate to be seen by other men and hate, to see other men that are haram for them, [MASHALLAH!]These are the girls love and wear hijab and jilbab and have that look that says to all men and all male strangers"'NO THANKS MATE IM SPECIAL"

"We have nothing but respect for the Fabulous Few. These Hijabis are rare …but then all great things are."

3) NIQAABI HIJABI simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!! modern day Aisha, Khadeejah and fatima's[rdhu] following the exact dress of the wive's of the prophet[pbuh] companions ,strong proud filled with mountains and mountains of self esteem because they are certain and sincere in tawheed and the hereafter

BAD SISTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4)ANTI HIJABIS: hates islam changed her named from Aisha to Asia, khadeejah to Clarie, fatima to faye, she drinks alcohol, smokes, swears, eats pork, shows cleavage,wears mini skirts, comits daily zina, celebrates, brithdays, christmas, divali, new year but not eid ,gives charity to christian aid, green peace but not zakat, hates hijab or niqaab or anything islamic

"May Allah guide us and you and us oh sister to be better"

5)CONVERTABLE HALF HIJABI's:- These lovely ladies are the ones caught in the Limbo between Hijab or No Hijab. "to be or not to be" is the question for these girls. With thier Hijab half on thier head and half off…u never know what they will do next! On the bright side though guys dont have to wonder what beauty is hiding beneath those hijabs cuz these half hijabis give everyone a sneak peak 24/7.

"We say to ya'll with nothing but frustration..MAKE UP UR MIND!"

6)CONFUSED NAKED WANNA BE MODEL HIJABI :- They cover their hair properly but show their neck, arms, feet and wear skintight jeans that clearly expose their thighs and behind with short sleeves, capris and the all famous low cut tops.

These girls give other Hijabis a bad name. You might spot one of these "Hijabis" in a group of Ahem! guy "friends". This group of too "friendly" Hijabis do everything a muslim let alone a Hijabi should NOT do.

"We hope none of u fit this description…if u do…we say to u with nothing but love…Respect the Hijab!"

7)HOLLYWOOD OR BOLLYWOOD HIJABI: wears correct clothing loads of haram lipstick, eyeliner, plucks her eyebrows, chisels her teeth, puts lots of haram perfume and wears hig heels alawys hoping to get approached by guys


8)VERY LOUD HIJABI: wears proper hijab but is extremely loud in public and on public transport, always gossiping very loud on the phone or to the very loud hijabis with her, makes you wish you could hide in a shell when you see or hear her

non muslims look at them like "does there faith teach them to be so loud and unrespectable to others" ?

" shhhh sister turn the volume down"

So heres my take on this. I find this a little distasteful in the title of bad sisters. Who are you to call someone a bad sister just because she may not cover up properly? I know sisters who cover up properly and I know sisters who dont. I know a good handful of so called niqaabies who are pretty whorish to say the least. YESSS THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! So what advice are you going to give sisters living in Saudi or any other country where hijab and abaya is a must? Are you going to call them all good? NO! Because they have their share of "Gucci Man Freaky Girls"...the ones you do not want to take home to momma. Yes we should cover up properly (hijab- modest clothing which covers up everything except hands and face *some would exclude feet from having to be covered up). But calling a sister a "bad sister" just based on her clothing makes you in they wrong for doing so.

I will admit clothing can tell a lot about a person, but its not an accurate representation of a person by no means. I know plenty of non-hijabies who are modest than so called hijabies. Theres a lot of Muslims who do not know the correct practice of Islam due to they were never taught Islam properly, which isnt completely their fault for its natural to just follow what you see others do (like family and friends). A lot of culture does play into people's lives. Celebrating those holidays does not make a sister a bad sister for she may not know that in Islam they are not acceptable. Showing some of your hair does not make you a bad sister, in a lot of cultures showing some hair is acceptable, but not acceptable in Islam, and those sisters may not know that. The same goes for the so called "bollywood hijabies".

But I will admit sisters who dress revealing can not blame others for not prejudging them. Its how the world works. People will judge you based on how you look. Its not right but that the way it is. If your wearing tight clothes with your breast hanging out, do you really think people are going to look at you and say "ohh she looks like a respectful Muslim, mashAllah"? I highly doubt it, would you? Its not right for people to think you in in the negative way because of what you wear, but if it is not in accordance with Islam then how can you blame them? But it doesnt not give them the right to talk bad to or about you, all they have the right to do is TRY to guide you.

In number 6) the "CONFUSED NAKED WANNA BE MODEL HIJABI"...ummm...hello! You said it yourself, she's confused! How dare you call a sister a bad sister when you admit that shes confused? How can you call someone to the right path when you're just downing them because they are confused? How about helping cut down their confusion with giving dawah, PROPERLY! You can't get something positive from something that has a down right negative approach.

Being a good sister does not not solely revolve around wearing the hijab, because which many Muslims miss is that hijab is not just the way you dress but its a whole being: a way of life. So just because oh you throw on an abaya and head scarf does not make you a good sister if character is off point, not being modest; which I've seen a lot. None of us are perfect. Some may be better in practice than others, but that does not give you the right to label people. For you dont know whats going on in their lives or why they are doing what they are doing. So lets put some more emphasis on keeping up with our salaahs, how to treat others (behave), and the importance of educating ourselves(reading Quran, fiqh, hadiths, going to lectures, being at the masjid, and etc). Theres plenty of others things that we can focus on. Usually when those other things are in order the way of dressing will follow, because they usually have a better understanding of things.

If you want to give dawah, you have to give the facts and stop putting your input on calling people names. You'll get a far better reaction to it if you state what is hijab, how to wear it properly, why we should wear it, and the benefits of doing so; not naming calling and attacking people.

May Allah continue to guide us on the right path and not let a ounce of pride enter our hearts. Ameen


JaLpArI said...

Assalam Sister,
This is such a wonderful post . . alhamdulillah ! !
yes, hijab is an essential part of Islam. . So no harm in tellin people to follow it. But some people make it appear as if Hijab is the only part of Islam. . When i moved to this state from my home state, the Muslim brothers started their bashing (not the sisters) bout how bad it is. One boy told me'Allah does not tell dont have fun, but you shouldn show your hair' i wonder what he meant by 'fun'!
however, no one. NO ONE asked me if i Pray. . One of the five pillars of Islam. Alhamdulillah, i have been praying regularly since i hit puberty. . But that was not needed. They just wanted me to cover my head.
many hijabis here didnt pray . .but that was something no one spoke bout. They lied, cheated, didnt read the Qur'an Paak. . Bt no one tried to gt them right. .
somehow the only 'proof' they needed fr a gal to be a Muslim was a piece of cloth on her head (nt the 'real' hijab) ...
we shud never hurt a gal who dsnt do hijab cz she mite b a grt gal otherwise who only needs sum help. . There are so many things in Islam and i think we shud try to make ALL muslims practice it ALL right. . Than just concentratin on a hijab. .
coz like you told, ppl who love Islam, pray, fast and read Qur'an Paak wid understanding, eventually come to accept and luv hijab too.
Jazakallah Khair said...


I like your blog. plz keep the good work going

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