Friday, January 30, 2009

I see the world through Green glasses

You See the World Through Green Colored Glasses

You live your life with generosity. You feel like your life is abundant, and you are very giving toward those around you.

You judge all your interactions through the lens of harmony. You figure you have something to learn from everyone, and you listen well.

You face challenges with a persistent attitude. You can see the prize at the end of the road, and you have the strength to get there.

You see love as the utmost expression of self-esteem. You have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else.

At your worst, you are greedy and selfish. You love money more than you'd like to admit.

You are happiest when you are in nature. You appreciate the feeling of balance that being outdoors brings you.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Common Sense and the Sunnah

Asalaam walikum all. Before we get into this, I'm not scholar nor am I vast in knowledge but I have some knowledge on which I can talk about, plus I have common sense :P. So anything here is not final, but Im here to help us all educate ourselves and think for ourselves. K lets proceed.

Oh I had to make a note about this. The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) was the best teachers of them all on how to live a righteous life. He would never stray us away from the right path, and all his actions were good and should should use him as example how of to conduct ourselves. Theres two types of Sunnah if you guys dont know, theres sunnah of worship and sunnah of culture. Sunnah of worship is sunnah that gets you closer to Allah, such as sunnah salaats, sunnah fasting and etc; all directly related to getting closer to Allah. Sunnah of culture is the culture of the Prophet, which is associated from where culture, such as throbes, eating dates, and etc. These are not directly associated with getting closer to Allah, these are just acts that he did which is associated with his culture (Arabian).

This is were the problem lies with some Muslims. Some Muslims take sunnah of culture as sunnah of worship and try to make this sound for all Muslims to practice, most of these people dont have common sense. There is nothing wrong with follow the sunnah of culture but this not better than following your own culture, as long as it falls along the lines of Islamic teachings. A person wearing a throbe and knitted kufi is not getting closer to Allah than a person wearing a Dashiki and leather kufi. A person wearing a one strap sandal (which the Prophet wore) is not better than a person wearing a two strap sandal. Eating with your hands is not better than using utensils. People, the Prophet was a person just like the rest of us, but Allah chose him to be the messenger of the people because he held certain characteristics which was well suited for the position, plus other reasons which I do not know. But regardless he was an individual and he had preferences, and Im sure his purpose was not to make everyone a clone. His wives came from diverse backgrounds, this is a indicator that hello he was not sameness besides religion of course. Islam is not here to strip you of your identity but to "upgrade" yourself to a higher level of awareness with Allah and yourself. Islam embraces diversity. Remember that. The sunnah of the Prophet embraced diversity in women, look at his wives. They were from different backgrounds, tribes, and ages. Some people forget that and discriminate against each other based on ethnicity or better yet families discriminate against potential spouses for their children based on ethnicity yet they ignore this sunnah but put much emphasis on using miswak and wearing pants that fall right above the ankle. This is another issue which I will get to soon (don't worry).

I love this post by raatkirani2005 on islamicaweb

"I'm not narrowing it down. I totally agree that mannerisms and behavior of the Prophet (pbuh) are important to follow. But were ALL of his actions practical for everyone? Are you a 25 year old really longing and actively looking to marry a 40-year old widow with two adult sons, just so you can be like the Prophet (pbuh)? Woe be to the Muslim Chechen construction worker who would be risking life and limb by wearing a long robe in the harsh winters while building a tower. Assuming all other things are equal, you're telling me our Chechen friend is not earning as much barakah/ajr/thawab as the Saudi real esate agent who's wearing a thobe? Islam reaches the far corners of the earth. It would make no sense alienating the national dresses of all non-Arab Muslims as being "not good as good as..." I really don't think Allah swt wants us to be clones of one type of culture. Islam thrives in all cultural practices, whether that be dress, food, physical appearance, etc. Have you made the switch to medieval Arab food? Why not each EXACTLY what the Prophet pbuh ate? Do you see what I'm getting at? Too much importance IS paid to ritualistic aspects of the Sunnah, rather than the important principles. I'm not trying to limit anyone's ideas of what earn thawab, but I'm with those that say, a tooth twig is probably not one of the ways."

MashAllah this sister hit the points. It is impossible to follow all the actions of the Prophet, but we can take heed of the actions that he did which is beneficial in gaining stronger iman (clothing, food, etc are not really something which is going to break you or make you in your iman (if it falls within Islamic principles of course). Following all the actions of the Prophet is not all forms of Sunnah worship and if you cant not distinguish the sunnah of which is actually getting you closer to Allah and the sunnah of culture you are in a very dangerous state, for you can't take information and utilize to the best of your needs which means you lack some common sense. Doing such can fall under a form of worship...which is dangerous.

So use common sense people, use what the Prophet has order us and recommended us to do and try implement this into our lives for its only beneficial to our well being. But do not take it upon yourself to imitate every single thing that he did not tell us to do for not all of his actions are not going to get you closer to Allah, like having four braids instead of five. Common sense is not taught in the Quran or sunnah, its either you have it or you don't. The Prophet is an example for us to follow which Allah has blessed us with. But remember he is a person, like all of us, having likes and dislikes. So use the information provided and try to understand the meaning of them, dont just take them blindly.

One other note I want to hit, theres a hadith in which it says help your fellow Muslims brothers when they are in need of help. Ok with everything there are limits. You do not help a Muslim who has raped someone and stolen money, and try to bail them out of jail. Hello you're retarded if you help this person. The meaning of the hadith is help those who are in true need of help in which they did no harm to others or caused upon themselves. Not help those Muslims who have done wrong and take part in helping them cover up or participate in their wrong doing. Some muslims seriously take it this far, and its ridiculous. I call them retarded muslims for they take everything word for word and do not use common sense.

Ok Im done now, sorry I know this is not in good format, but hopefully I made clear what I wanted to point out about the sunnah of worship and culture. InshAllah this was of some help. k love you guys, peace.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hookah/ Sheesha....HARAM

Asalam walikum my dear sisters. If you dont already know hookah and sheesha are haram, just like cigarettes are haram for they cause harm to the body. Actually there have been proven studies that hookah is more harmful than cigarettes because of the direct intake of the substances. Hookah has taken over with bars everywhere, but the point is that it's haram, flat out no discussion. A lot of muslims are smoking this and not realizing that what they are consuming is haram, due to the fact that its common. If your serious about the deen, stop following others (common thing to do) and educate yourself.

One person said well nothing is haram unless its clearly defined in the Quran that it's haram. Uh....hello! The Quran is a guideline for your life, its not going to state every single little thing that is haram. I dont believe it says you can't have sex with animal, but if you have common sense you'll know that its haram because it doesn't go with the guidelines which is halal. The Quran shows you how to live your life but its not going to babysit you tell you everything thing not to do, because it gives you a basically general ruling on what is haram, and you can determine if it falls under that criteria.

And if you're going to say that oh, its just disliked like cigarettes. Then why are you doing it, if its disliked? It's something that first off harms your body (its haram) so why harm your body and make it ugly? And its not attractive seeing females all highed up looking smoking, that alone right there should give you a warning sign that its haram, this goes for males too.

Im not going to say I never smoked hookah, but I was ignorant at the time and didn't know because all my muslim friends did it. I asked people if it harmed the body they and if it was haram and they said no. When I did research and found out that it was in fact haram and way harmful, I stopped then and there. Remember there are 73 groups but only one will intercede into Jannah without punishment. So therefore what you see as very common, that you for sure isn't straight up Halal look into it before participating in it.

Heres an article that goes more in depth
Heres some health facts about hookah, to show how dangerous it is Things you never knew about Shisha/Sheesha/Hookah/Nargileh

Ok another ponit of view, one person says a lot of things we consume today are bad for our health for example cholesterol. Am I going to stop eating samosas because they high in cholesterol, hence cooking oil. Ok this doesn't count as a counter argument because samosas give you nutrients for its a food to give you energy and has beneficial properties unlike hookah/sheesha which just harms the body. You can say the same for wine, which is clearly forbidden. Actually wine has some beneficial properties but the bad out weigh the good. But regardless its haram for its an intoxicant just like hookah. And further more you hardly see religious people smoking it in the comfort of their home with just their family. You usually see them smoking out in bars where its males and females and both are intoxicated and getting farther away from thinking about Allah. Its basically clubbing while sitting down/ relaxing* This is another reason for why musical instruments is considered haram, besides what is already stated in the hadith*. So do yourself a favor, you know its not something that is good, so just stay away from it and stop trying to make up excuses.

Ok thanks for reading, that your green tea for today. EDUCATE YOURSELF! Much love peace!

True Fear

My blood boils as I witness a car run over a cat
Something, I wouldn't nor can't
Ashamed of someone being so reckless
I'm feeling so restless
Just minutes later we're pulled over by the police
"Oh Allah let there be no trouble" I plead
My heart stiffens with fear
That something bad might appear
Praying and praying as the police officer runs a check
As gulps run down my very neck
Ah at last we're free to leave
I thank Allah as we fleet down the street
Then I come to a realization
My fear of the police
Feels stronger than the fear of Iblis
Fearing the Akhriah
But not as much as being jailed because of this Acura
Why do we fear so much the penalties of this dunya
When the real punishment comes by Allah
Having bits of scares from the description of death
But whaling about small misfortunes concerning our wealth
We have so much anger for the bad things of this earth
But lack heed of our actions do ourselves
Open your eyes
Stop being so blind
Feel sorrow for our sins
Not the laws we may have broken created by men
The end is near
For it is clear
Tomorrow is not guaranteed
So wake up in the last hour of the night with a need
A need to make sincere tahajjud
To pray for guidance like we should
Plea to Allah to forgive us for our bad deeds
Before you and Allah meet
For then it is the date
The time is expired to make a clean slate
Real fear is rushing through your body
Now you think "Oh lawdy"
Yes thats right you met your Lord
That fear of the police doesnt compare
To the fear you have now for oh it is so near


The mind of an addict takes over
Having withdraws as if Im getting sober
Chills overcome me as the pages turn
Tears muster up as I soak in the words
I'm drenched with shame
As I remember the things I did when I wasn't tamed
Regretting, wishing, it wasn't so
Damn was I really that low?
Contemplating of the events that took place
Something I realize that I'll have to face
But now I can face them with a tiny bit ease
Because Im not that person that I use to be
Alhamdulilah I'm free from the addiction
Feeling sorry for those who don't realize their conviction
I'm revitalized with this book that I read
The book that made my heart truly bleed
Empowering us in the night and in the dawn

This book, my book, your book is the Quran

Sushi Why?

Yo, Sushi why you do me like that
When you know I was coming right back
You crushed me baby
When I saw you leave with that other lady
You're always on my mind
You had me saving up my dimes
Damn I'm sprung
Like that stripper got T-Pain in his song
Got me doing things I would never do
Oh baby Im telling you
Reminiscing of how good you taste
I dont think you can ever be replaced
My heart is in pain
As I chow down on this lo-mein
Tears fall down on my plate
Everything is all salty that I ate
Got me looking over my shoulder
Hoping you'll come over
"Wahn some moe tea?"
Na I say to the lady smelling like pee
Yearning and burning for just a little more of you
Where you use to be that's where my eyes are glued
China buffet pick up the pace
I need to stuff some more sushi in my face


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blind Heart

Falling into awe
Delighted by what I see
My attention has been apprehended
Bail is out of the question
Lingering on to every word that you present
Is it mere lust or pure interest
Setting aside my initial list of expectations
Now being excused by the temptations
The very ones that I shun in my mind
But overrides what I feel inside
Nothing shall ever wait
The rude awakening may be my fate
The waking up to the truth from the deep blinded state
Bewilderment grants potential to surpass the flaws
Is my wanting overlooking my needs
There’s a chance my wants can turn into a good deed
A good deed where we both may attain Allah’s grace
With that possibility we may have chance
Though chance is just a chance
Stay on safe land where fruits may run low
Or venture off onto foreign land where there might be gold
No one knows only Allah knows

Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Black and Goldish

Goldish and black
Goldish and black by Almallena

Cute chic style that I think would look nice on anyone.

Euerka! The step by step on how to perfom Tahajjud

If there's one way to get closer to Allah fast, it's by praying Qiyaamul Lail/ Tahajjud. What is Tahajjud, you ask? It's a Sunnah prayer that one observes in the last third of the night, which is time between Isha and Fajr. The word Tahajjud implies that one should sleep (after Isha has been performed) and rise after sleeping a portion of the night. The essence of it is waking up during those hours of the night when everyone else is asleep. This salaat was obligatory for the Prophet (s.a.w) and some say that Muslims being his followers are obligated to do so as well. You can take it for how ever you want to; it's Sunnah, not Fard. But any Sunnah (that is beneficial to one's spiritual growth) is just icing on top, inshAllah the Prophet's practices of which are spiritually beneficial will make us closer to Allah.

During the hours of Isha and Fajr Allah stw answers (inshAllah) His creation's prayers. The Prophet (s.a.w) was quoted saying this below:

“Our Lord descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night, inquiring: ‘Who will call on Me so that I may respond to him? Who is asking something of Me so I may give it to him? Who is asking for My forgiveness so I may forgive him?’” (Al-Bukhari)

“The closest that a slave comes to his Lord is during the middle of the latter portion of the night. If you can be among those who remember Allah the Exalted One at that time, then do so.” (At-Tirmidhi)

In the Quran Allah emphasis the difference between ones who observe Tahajjud and ones who do not.
" Is one who worships devoutly during the hours of the night prostrating himself or standing (in addition), who takes heed of the Hereafter, and who places his hope in the mercy of his Lord (like one who does not)? Say: are those equal, those who know and those who do not know? It is those who are endowed with understanding that receive admonition." ( Al- Quran, 39:9)

"The slaves of the Beneficent are they who walk upon the earth in humbleness, and when the ignorant address them, they say: 'Peace' and they who spend the night prostrating before their Lord and standing." (Al-Furqan: 63-64)

So you're all excited and want to know how to perfom Tahajjud. Well here's two websites that will help ya! I've done the research, and this is correct way to perform the prayer.
Tahajjud: Virtues and Way of Performance This website will tell you exactly what you need to do.
The supplications can be recited in whatever language I believe, but as far as reciting the last ten verses of Surat Al `Imran they should be recited in Arabic. So here's the phonetics of saying the last ten surahs in Arabic :). Last ten versus of Al-Imran in Phonetics

So now you know how the benefits of Tahajjud/ Qiymaamul Lail and how to perform it correctly. InshAllah that was a little green tea for your Iman today! PEACE OUT!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All you need to know is right here

The real situation in the Gaza Strip, thoughts of the Prime Minister, and the UN.
Truth from their mouths

Truly horrible, InshAllah justice will be served soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Casual Blue and Black

Casual blue and black by Almallena
Something that's casual but cute. I love the boots here, they're only $30 and they're leather. The purse is also leather and $30 bucks, pretty good buys, eh?

Get R' Dun!

Asalaam walikum

Have you ever wanted to get something done like memorize a new surah, catch up on online arabic lessons, or let alone workout! Well I myself have done this, and I'm quite tired of putting it off. It seems like when I get on to this computer I delay almost everything and won't remember to do them until it's late at night and I'm tired! But you still find just enough energy to stay online for a another 20 mins. Break the habit now! Time is precious and we are not promised tomorrow. Make Allah, yourself and others happy and get the tasks done. Write out a list of what you want to accomplish that day in a big font, so that it's noticeable. If you have a bright sheet of paper that would be even better because it'll say "I'm here! look at me!" Place it where you frequently pass or where you spend most of your time, for example the computer. Inshallah that will remind you of what you need to do. But most of all set a time of when you want to go to sleep, this is important! This will help you figure out a time frame of when certain tasks need to be taken care of. Setting a sleep time (should not be late) does not only help you get things done but it also affects your health.

Going to sleep early can have beneficial lasting effects on the body and prevent weight gain, diseases, and bad perfomance. Here's a link that goes more depth about the health factors of sleeping. (Sorry guys I tried making it a direct link but for some reason it wasn't working :( )

Sleeping late does not only affect your health but your deen as well. Staying up for no reason, just browsing through websites or whatever that's.....SHAYTAAN! Yup, it's Shaytaan. Shaytaan and jin are active at night because that's their time when most non-halal things occur. Sleeping late can affect your chances of waking up for fajr, which is really important. Check out this clip for a better picture
This does not include people who work at night or who fall into these three categories stated in this hadith, The Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said: "Staying up late is for one of three categories of people; those traveling, those praying the night prayers, or those on their wedding night." (Abu Ya'laa).

So if anything gets you wanting to sleep early inshAllah its for Allah! Inshallah if you sleep early you may be able to get up to pray qiyaam ul-lail.
"Our Lord descends every night to the heavens when there is only one third of the night remaining and says: Who is supplicating to me so that I can respond to him? Who is asking Me for something so that I can grant him that which he is asking for? Who is seeking My forgiveness so that I can forgive him" (Bukhaari, Muslim)
Who who can't afford to ask Allah for forgiveness? No one. No one is perfect, so we should always ask Allah to forgive us for the minor and major sins that we commit and also the sins that we may not be aware of.

So inshallah that gave you a little dose of green tea for your iman today!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Winter style part 1

Keeping warm in style by Almallena

Cute casual look for the winter season. All items are available now and are reasonably priced so you can buy them instead of just drooling! Enjoy!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to reach a loved one

Now this one I'm asking for help on. I've made dua on the issue but also feel that I'm obligated to put forth the effort to address it. I have a family member that is Muslim, but does not pray like they should and have outlooks on rulings that are not "Muslim" like. This person is very dear to me and I do not know how to approach them; I'm afraid that they may get upset.
And also this family member has been Muslim for a long time since a teenager. She knows better, her knowledge maybe limited but she knows the basics of what is expected of her. So its hard to approach her when I know she knows what is expected as Muslim and plus she's an elder. Don't get me wrong, she's very spiritual more than some others who claim the practice Islam to the fullest. But her practice is not where it should be as a Muslim. So how do I talk to her/ approach her?

I've approached sisters (that were close to me and were my age) and was able to talk to them about things that were of concern and helped them along the way. But its different when its a close relative. I'm not sure what to do except for make dua.