Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hookah/ Sheesha....HARAM

Asalam walikum my dear sisters. If you dont already know hookah and sheesha are haram, just like cigarettes are haram for they cause harm to the body. Actually there have been proven studies that hookah is more harmful than cigarettes because of the direct intake of the substances. Hookah has taken over with bars everywhere, but the point is that it's haram, flat out no discussion. A lot of muslims are smoking this and not realizing that what they are consuming is haram, due to the fact that its common. If your serious about the deen, stop following others (common thing to do) and educate yourself.

One person said well nothing is haram unless its clearly defined in the Quran that it's haram. Uh....hello! The Quran is a guideline for your life, its not going to state every single little thing that is haram. I dont believe it says you can't have sex with animal, but if you have common sense you'll know that its haram because it doesn't go with the guidelines which is halal. The Quran shows you how to live your life but its not going to babysit you tell you everything thing not to do, because it gives you a basically general ruling on what is haram, and you can determine if it falls under that criteria.

And if you're going to say that oh, its just disliked like cigarettes. Then why are you doing it, if its disliked? It's something that first off harms your body (its haram) so why harm your body and make it ugly? And its not attractive seeing females all highed up looking smoking, that alone right there should give you a warning sign that its haram, this goes for males too.

Im not going to say I never smoked hookah, but I was ignorant at the time and didn't know because all my muslim friends did it. I asked people if it harmed the body they and if it was haram and they said no. When I did research and found out that it was in fact haram and way harmful, I stopped then and there. Remember there are 73 groups but only one will intercede into Jannah without punishment. So therefore what you see as very common, that you for sure isn't straight up Halal look into it before participating in it.

Heres an article that goes more in depth
Heres some health facts about hookah, to show how dangerous it is Things you never knew about Shisha/Sheesha/Hookah/Nargileh

Ok another ponit of view, one person says a lot of things we consume today are bad for our health for example cholesterol. Am I going to stop eating samosas because they high in cholesterol, hence cooking oil. Ok this doesn't count as a counter argument because samosas give you nutrients for its a food to give you energy and has beneficial properties unlike hookah/sheesha which just harms the body. You can say the same for wine, which is clearly forbidden. Actually wine has some beneficial properties but the bad out weigh the good. But regardless its haram for its an intoxicant just like hookah. And further more you hardly see religious people smoking it in the comfort of their home with just their family. You usually see them smoking out in bars where its males and females and both are intoxicated and getting farther away from thinking about Allah. Its basically clubbing while sitting down/ relaxing* This is another reason for why musical instruments is considered haram, besides what is already stated in the hadith*. So do yourself a favor, you know its not something that is good, so just stay away from it and stop trying to make up excuses.

Ok thanks for reading, that your green tea for today. EDUCATE YOURSELF! Much love peace!


*~Ange~* said...

i agree and i hate the stuff too. my hubby has a sheesha in our house and i hate it. i mean the thing looks pretty as a decoration.. but when its actually used i hate it because i know its just spreadng lung cancer

Naseem said...

it is bad for you so i guess it is haram. there are no real benefits to it. you could relax by doing something else like watching tv or drinking tea, green tea! :P

i didn't really think about it. i've smoked it twice. once when i was young and last week. i hated it. it gave me a head ache. next time i go to my friends house inshallah i'll inform her about it's haramness!!

just a girl said...

i nevr used it alhamdoulilah and never thought of doing so not because i knew it was haram, but i just dislike these kind of things

Almallena said...

Lol yeah I like the hookah bong how it looks too lol. Actually theres some hookah that is non tobacco, so Im not sure if thats halal or not. But is basically just fruity molasses and water. Not sure how that smokes but it does....