Saturday, January 24, 2009


The mind of an addict takes over
Having withdraws as if Im getting sober
Chills overcome me as the pages turn
Tears muster up as I soak in the words
I'm drenched with shame
As I remember the things I did when I wasn't tamed
Regretting, wishing, it wasn't so
Damn was I really that low?
Contemplating of the events that took place
Something I realize that I'll have to face
But now I can face them with a tiny bit ease
Because Im not that person that I use to be
Alhamdulilah I'm free from the addiction
Feeling sorry for those who don't realize their conviction
I'm revitalized with this book that I read
The book that made my heart truly bleed
Empowering us in the night and in the dawn

This book, my book, your book is the Quran


tranquilityfromwithin said...

mashAllah sis keep it up! I love the flow and descriptions! Thanks for the reminder for it is the Quran that will either be for you or against you in akhira(h). May we benifit from the Quran in this life and the hereafter, ameen!

eLza Fird'aNNe :) said...

Assalamualaikum Akhwat,
I've read your posts.
I think, it's so gooooood!!!!
Create Izzah!!!