Sunday, January 4, 2009

Casual Blue and Black

Casual blue and black by Almallena
Something that's casual but cute. I love the boots here, they're only $30 and they're leather. The purse is also leather and $30 bucks, pretty good buys, eh?


M.J. said...

GGRRR!! Sis I am so upset reading your profile!! I used to live in Towson, MD. I wasn't muslim then but still, I wanna have a tantrum seeing how many cool Muslimahs I could've known LOL. Alhamdulilah Allah SWT opened my heart to the Truth but I wish it could've happened sooner so I could've experienced the masAllah big community MD had I was unaware of. :( At least I can know you through here though, right?

Almallena said...

Lol sis Im not in towson, I wanna live there too! hehe we're in the same boat. I live in Hagerstown, MD :S. Yeah its nice to have some encouraging sisters around to make the transition a little easier, I totally feel you. I was the same way, I mean I've always been Muslim but I didn't always practice it until a few years ago. But totally we're friends here, and you never know inshAllah we may run into each other one day :P

M.J. said...

inshAllah!! :)