Sunday, January 4, 2009

Get R' Dun!

Asalaam walikum

Have you ever wanted to get something done like memorize a new surah, catch up on online arabic lessons, or let alone workout! Well I myself have done this, and I'm quite tired of putting it off. It seems like when I get on to this computer I delay almost everything and won't remember to do them until it's late at night and I'm tired! But you still find just enough energy to stay online for a another 20 mins. Break the habit now! Time is precious and we are not promised tomorrow. Make Allah, yourself and others happy and get the tasks done. Write out a list of what you want to accomplish that day in a big font, so that it's noticeable. If you have a bright sheet of paper that would be even better because it'll say "I'm here! look at me!" Place it where you frequently pass or where you spend most of your time, for example the computer. Inshallah that will remind you of what you need to do. But most of all set a time of when you want to go to sleep, this is important! This will help you figure out a time frame of when certain tasks need to be taken care of. Setting a sleep time (should not be late) does not only help you get things done but it also affects your health.

Going to sleep early can have beneficial lasting effects on the body and prevent weight gain, diseases, and bad perfomance. Here's a link that goes more depth about the health factors of sleeping. (Sorry guys I tried making it a direct link but for some reason it wasn't working :( )

Sleeping late does not only affect your health but your deen as well. Staying up for no reason, just browsing through websites or whatever that's.....SHAYTAAN! Yup, it's Shaytaan. Shaytaan and jin are active at night because that's their time when most non-halal things occur. Sleeping late can affect your chances of waking up for fajr, which is really important. Check out this clip for a better picture
This does not include people who work at night or who fall into these three categories stated in this hadith, The Prophet (Sal Allaahu Alaiyhi wa Sallam) said: "Staying up late is for one of three categories of people; those traveling, those praying the night prayers, or those on their wedding night." (Abu Ya'laa).

So if anything gets you wanting to sleep early inshAllah its for Allah! Inshallah if you sleep early you may be able to get up to pray qiyaam ul-lail.
"Our Lord descends every night to the heavens when there is only one third of the night remaining and says: Who is supplicating to me so that I can respond to him? Who is asking Me for something so that I can grant him that which he is asking for? Who is seeking My forgiveness so that I can forgive him" (Bukhaari, Muslim)
Who who can't afford to ask Allah for forgiveness? No one. No one is perfect, so we should always ask Allah to forgive us for the minor and major sins that we commit and also the sins that we may not be aware of.

So inshallah that gave you a little dose of green tea for your iman today!


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