Saturday, January 24, 2009

True Fear

My blood boils as I witness a car run over a cat
Something, I wouldn't nor can't
Ashamed of someone being so reckless
I'm feeling so restless
Just minutes later we're pulled over by the police
"Oh Allah let there be no trouble" I plead
My heart stiffens with fear
That something bad might appear
Praying and praying as the police officer runs a check
As gulps run down my very neck
Ah at last we're free to leave
I thank Allah as we fleet down the street
Then I come to a realization
My fear of the police
Feels stronger than the fear of Iblis
Fearing the Akhriah
But not as much as being jailed because of this Acura
Why do we fear so much the penalties of this dunya
When the real punishment comes by Allah
Having bits of scares from the description of death
But whaling about small misfortunes concerning our wealth
We have so much anger for the bad things of this earth
But lack heed of our actions do ourselves
Open your eyes
Stop being so blind
Feel sorrow for our sins
Not the laws we may have broken created by men
The end is near
For it is clear
Tomorrow is not guaranteed
So wake up in the last hour of the night with a need
A need to make sincere tahajjud
To pray for guidance like we should
Plea to Allah to forgive us for our bad deeds
Before you and Allah meet
For then it is the date
The time is expired to make a clean slate
Real fear is rushing through your body
Now you think "Oh lawdy"
Yes thats right you met your Lord
That fear of the police doesnt compare
To the fear you have now for oh it is so near


tranquilityfromwithin said...

wow you're on a roll, I love this poem too! Thank you for the reminder :)