Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blind Heart

Falling into awe
Delighted by what I see
My attention has been apprehended
Bail is out of the question
Lingering on to every word that you present
Is it mere lust or pure interest
Setting aside my initial list of expectations
Now being excused by the temptations
The very ones that I shun in my mind
But overrides what I feel inside
Nothing shall ever wait
The rude awakening may be my fate
The waking up to the truth from the deep blinded state
Bewilderment grants potential to surpass the flaws
Is my wanting overlooking my needs
There’s a chance my wants can turn into a good deed
A good deed where we both may attain Allah’s grace
With that possibility we may have chance
Though chance is just a chance
Stay on safe land where fruits may run low
Or venture off onto foreign land where there might be gold
No one knows only Allah knows


hijabee said...

Just realized that we're almost neighbors, yey! Cool blog by the way :)

Almallena said...

we're almost neighbors! reallyyyy awesome!