Thursday, January 1, 2009

How to reach a loved one

Now this one I'm asking for help on. I've made dua on the issue but also feel that I'm obligated to put forth the effort to address it. I have a family member that is Muslim, but does not pray like they should and have outlooks on rulings that are not "Muslim" like. This person is very dear to me and I do not know how to approach them; I'm afraid that they may get upset.
And also this family member has been Muslim for a long time since a teenager. She knows better, her knowledge maybe limited but she knows the basics of what is expected of her. So its hard to approach her when I know she knows what is expected as Muslim and plus she's an elder. Don't get me wrong, she's very spiritual more than some others who claim the practice Islam to the fullest. But her practice is not where it should be as a Muslim. So how do I talk to her/ approach her?

I've approached sisters (that were close to me and were my age) and was able to talk to them about things that were of concern and helped them along the way. But its different when its a close relative. I'm not sure what to do except for make dua.


Danielle Bella said...

Assalamu alaikum rahmatullah,
i know what you mean. it's very difficult when you see a situation like that and you feel compelled to say something just by being a good muslim. All you can do is continue to make du'a for that sister and politely encourage her to pray--like going around her during the times of salah and say things like"hey, sister you wanna pray with me?" and it's not like she'll say no-- if her deen is some what still on point. Continue to make du'a and encourage the sister--if that doesn't work then it's left between her and Allah. Remember, enjoin the right and forbid the wrong. InshaAllah this helps=-)

Almallena said...

Walikum Asalaam,
Yeah I encourage her by saying "Hey its time for so and so". Usually she does it when I do it, especially if we're out driving around. But she hardly gets up for fajr, and the other prayers she may do if I'm right there in front of her doing it. We're going through sort of a rough time with somethings and I want to tell her if you make your salaats like you should then Allah may bless you with what you are looking for and what you need. But it's like weird...inshAllah she'll wake up and see soon what must be done. Thanks sis

NtN said...

Maybe go on a fun weekend trip and pray together for all the prayers? Sometimes it just takes getting kicked back into the habit, in a positive way.