Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Facebook Bye bye

Assalaamu' Alaykum everyone,

So here's an update. I left facebook for about two months with the sole purpose of strengthening my iman and having control over facebook instead of facebook controlling me. Well I did not get the results that I was looking for. Though I did become better with my time on facebook, but as for as the spiritual part that did not actually come till after getting back on facebook. Facebook made me realize how extremely overrated it is, and oddly enough it just strengthen my iman to want to leave it. It could be the Ramadan spirit, or just the annoyance of Facebook itself with his hypocrisy. Its way too popular for my liking with businesses asking you to become a fan on their FB page, its extremely a sellout scheme. Though I do see why some imams and students of knowledge would want to make a page in order to reach out to the ummah who use FB and insha' Allah be a good outlet for them instead of being bombarded with haram elements. I give credit to those brothers and sisters trying to educate the ummah through Facebook.

Plus it has become a Fitnah pool for many, who I believe have just become sucked into madness way deep and that the only way at this point in time for them to redeem themselves and trying to get their lives back on track is by leaving the Shaytaan (devil)ran Facebook, honestly there's more harm in it than good, yes the good is there at times but way more problems you occur than good.

So this Ramadan I encourage all or most of you to either delete/ deactivate or just limit your time on Facebook. Stay clear of looking at FB friend's pages that is not pleasing to Allah, and try focusing on the goal here. Which is gain as many blessings as possible, to be forgiven for our past sins (and not to repeat them), and to create a strong bond with Allah that shall last. Facebook is not worth loosing barakah over, unless your facebook is almost fully halal, in which maybe 1% of it may be iffy but the majority of it is halal substance. If so masha' Allah for the good work of keeping it clean and not letting dirt enter! :D. Anywho so bye bye Facebook, and hello again blogspot.


nhhas said...

sis...yeah right...
that's why i don't want to have any FB acc. No matter how hard they infulence me to join.
To me, to get link to those "imams" and religious teacher, we still can find them outside of FB... yes we should.
Muslim should have their own social web such FB instead of using s'thing that belongs to Yahudi...


Almallena said...

Alaykum Assalaamu,
I was going to say there are some muslim social network sites, and I thought about one, then I wasnt sure its called

Then there are some others, but basically I dont respect a "muslim" site if if does not have guidelines of what can be posted up as far as content and pictures by islamic standards. So...which happened to be the case when I googled for some muslim network sites. Though Im sure theres some out there that try to really keep it halal, just have to dig a little harder. :)