Friday, August 6, 2010

Where do we go and who do we turn to?

Assalaamu Alaykum everyone,

I've had this on my mind for some time now. I think I thought about this more intensely when there was a possibility that I would move over seas to Kuwait or Saudi. At that time I thought more of how my rights and freedoms that I enjoy here in America would be drastically limited such as driving, being able to wear colors, having a career (that's not confined to one area of work) and other such. Now I'm not trying to bash those countries who have their laws and culture this way, this is what they are accustomed to and that it. Just like the US is accustomed to having nudity (look too much skin is called nudity even if you have bra and a thong on) be acceptable.

As I was thinking more I started to realize how corrupt the governments are that lead this predominate Muslim countries. How the majority of their laws are not following shariah but are following their cultural traditions and at times want to use shariah law to their benefit or convenience- hence pick and choose what part of Islam they like to enforce. Though that's not my major issue for we all have our short comings when it comes to following Islam all the way at all times, its our natural struggle whether we are fighting ourselves or fighting the atmosphere in which we live. My issue that we have these governments, leaders, armies and the whole shabang that are oppressing our own Muslims in their homeland. Here's an example:

Now maybe I'm not sure to this as many other Muslims who are raised in the west to see such behavior amongst Muslims. I always thought my brothers and sisters to be better in "Muslim" countries and not have this time of behavior amongst ourselves. Though maybe I'm just naive to think that since people live in a "Muslim" country that they would not have such evil take place. I spoke to one of my friends about this and I basically said to her "I rather be under oppression by Non-Muslims than my "own" people". Now I'm not sure if this is the right to say for Muslim (one who tries to implement Islam fully) though I think I would be more sadden if I were to be treated unfair and unjust by a government that is ran by Muslims than by others because we should not expect much from them (lets be real).

This type of behavior and condition is what keeps the ummah in shackles to shaytaan and his workers, whether it be an individual or a nation (*cough cough* US). We can never be a strong ummah unless we start following Islam and start selling our selves out to these nations and people who are only with us or using us to their benefit, not that they care about us sincerely. This is the same case with Iraq and Haiti, these "nations" will only help if they can get something out of it themselves, which is take power over the country and make them their new gloves in which they'll use to do their dirty work with and keep their hands clean. I'm not referring to all the people who sincerely want to help other countries during crisis but I'm taking about the people in charge who lead these movements, for they hardly are ever truthful in their agenda.

So if we can't look to our own Muslims for help or to be treated just who do we turn to? Where do me make hijrah too? Where can we honestly practice Islam without be subject to cultural laws that are burden for those who are not from those countries and are treated as second class citizens? This is question. All I can do at this time and others is just pray to Allah that our situation becomes better and that we can buckle down and rise against shaytaans whispers and stop selling ourselves out and become strong. But in the mean time where do we go?


Sara سارة said...

Assalaam Alaikum sister =)

Very valid points made, and overall thought provoking post.

I agree wholeheartedly that our Islamic nations are facing extreme oppression and hardship because they are so far removed from Islam. May Allah (SWT) guide the misguided.

But why not immigrate to our countries of origin to improve? Allah (SWT) judges by intention doesn't He? He knows we would face difficulty, but at least we would be aiding our own, Insha'Allah. Why not strive to help alleviate the conditions in our home nations rather than running away from the problems? I would hope that the majority of Muslims living in the West have considered returning 'home' at least once in their lives. I know I have and am working towards it. It's quite unfortunate how we migrate to the west for its security and abandon our own lands due to the hypocrisy that dwells within. We have the ability to make a difference. We have the ability to cause change. Unfortunately most Muslims are too weak to take action. They would not be willing to die trying.

Almallena said...

Alaykum Assalaam,

Well the thing is, for many people like myself, our "home" is America or the west. Not all of us are fortunate to be blessed with knowing what country we are from and if we do, its not a predominately Islamic country, so this move would not be meeting our certain goals. Though I must say like the struggles we have here in America in our masjids, you have people who do not like change and will remain in ignorance or remain doing things that are not on the sunnah path. A lot will run into this problem when going back to these countries or "origin" who practice widely nafs. Though Im not saying this why a lot of muslims migrate, more often its a case of wanting a "better" life of money and not being looked down upon for their lack of certain muslim duties that may be the normal in their culture.

So I do understand what your saying, and thats totally true, work within our own people then we can try to spread in our capability to help on a larger scale, but your right it starts at home. Though I think this is kind of limited to those who lived in their country of origin and are in tune with their culture over there. One can not expect a person to be able to help or feel that urge to want to go to a place they are not familiar with unless there is much love towards it from what they see, i.e. many people speak highly of yemen who are not from yemen.

Though like you said not many are willing to die for the struggle. I'm still on fence about wanting to be under oppression under my people of faith. Theres just something about it that I can't fathom, though many people go through this on a regular basis. Your totally right we need to fix our own backyards before we can try to fix someone elses.

Jazaakhallahi khayran for the post sis.

Sara سارة said...

Walaikum Assalaam sister,

I understand the crux of your post, and the difficulties highlighted in returning to one's home nation – oppression and struggles of a different kind. However, we should recall the seerah of our beloved RasulAllah (SAW), during the time he conquered Makkah after having left it due to facing extreme persecution and hardship. He did not abandon the beloved city, but returned to it all the more triumphant.

And even if one may not have extreme love for a particular Muslim nation, they should still remember that it is better to migrate to a majority Muslim country, rather than live among the kuffar, which is disliked. Furthermore, we should work toward making our nations of origin, whether it be direct or ancestrally, a place where Islam can flourish instead of being trampled by cultural norms.

Everything in this life is a struggle. Nothing comes easy. We just have to work toward what we believe in, Insha'Allah. =)

Almallena said...

Very true sis, masha' Allah. May we be blessed with the will power to do so, ameen.